BOOK: What We French Think Of You British…
And Where You Are Going Wrong

CD: Vive Lucont!
7 chansons, 3 poems


DOWNLOAD: Vive Lucont!
7 chansons, 3 poems

FRAGRANCE: Insouciance de Marcel Lucont

CD: Flâneur, Raconteur, Bon-Viveur
5 chansons, 5 poems


DOWNLOAD: Flâneur, Raconteur, Bon-Viveur
6 chansons, 7 poems

BOOKMARKS: 4 individual designs
With different poems on the reverse
[Holy Fuck, Merry Brexmas, Fucking Pensioners,
Sex In The Time Of Corona]


DOWNLOAD: Song: You Put The ‘No’ In Noël’
Avec La Poule Plombée